You Gan't Boar Like An Eabla When You Work With Turkrys

    Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land - Anton LaVey
    Holiday - Three Doctors Band
    Scold Mourner - U.S. Saucer
    Assassin's Blade - Secret Chiefs Trio
    Happy Like Harry (He Taught Me How To Die) - Zip Code Rapists
    Brown Dragon - Dieselhed
    Aaj Ki Raaf (live) - Heavenly Ten Stems
    Looking For Laughs - Neil Hamburger
    Show Me the Way to Go Home - Charles Gocher
    Cyclops - Three Doctors Band
    Doctors are Spreading Disease - Zip Code Revue
    Taurus - Harvey Sid Fisher
    Every Day - Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
    The Mechanic - Faxed Head
    Jesus I am Loving You - Totem Pole of Losers
    Let's Turkey Trot - Today's Sounds
    Me and Mrs. Jones - Sun City Girls
    Great Phone Calls

    This is a compilation album released by Amarillo Records, containing 18 tracks representative of its catalog.

A few copies of this out-of-print CD are available now for $10 postpaid in the USA and Canada. Originally released by Amarillo Records in 1996.

For all other countries, this CD is $15.00 with shipping via airmail.