Release Date: April 25, 2009


The Three Doctors

Once Upon a Time

Kick In The Heads

Happy Like Larry

Presidents Song


At long last, the major works of the Zip Code Rapists are available again. From their supposed beginnings as a Doors cover band from Texas, to their shameful years of broken glass and bloated excess, to their acrimonious breakup and inevitable decade-later reunion, this CD details the hope and anger, the trauma and triumph, of this quintessentially American folk-punk duo featuring Gregg Turkington and John Singer.

In addition to the Zip Code Rapists' astonishing 1992 debut LP Sing and Play the Three Doctors and Other Sounds of Today, this 36-song CD compiles the overlong 7-inch The Man Can't Bust Our Music and the inexcusably short 12-inch 94124, all of which have been lovingly remastered for today’s more discerning listener. This deluxe package also includes previously unheard outtakes and compilation tracks, four revelatory live songs from a 1993 show at CBGB, and a touching performance from a 2006 reunion show.

The ZCR story comes to life in a 16-page booklet with insightful liner notes by official band historian Will York, and candid photos of the boys at the height, and nadir, of their careers. Best of all, each CD comes with a FREE RUB-ON ZCR TATTOO, which can be worn for a day, or cherished for a lifetime.

Available now for $15 postpaid in the USA and Canada.

For all other countries, this CD is $22.00 postpaid via airmail.