Job's Daughters

    Side A
    The Prophecy of Daniel and John the Divine

    Side B
    Sinner Man

    Mark Davies: vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn, ukelele, viola, organ, piano, bass, tympani

    Brandan Kearney: vocal, bass, electric guitar, piano, clarinet, sarod, tympani

    Neil Foot: drums, vocal

    The Jumbo Jr. Skill Crane Singers: Alexandra Behr, Mark Davies, Denise Funari, Brandan Kearney, Cathy Kidd, Margaret Murray, and Hugh Swarts.

    Narrator on "Prophecy": Darcy Megan Stanger

A few copies of this out-of-print 7" are available now for $10 postpaid in the USA and Canada. Originally released by Nuf Sed Records in 1991.

For all other countries, this 7" is $22 with shipping via First Class International.