Neil Hamburger - Hot February Night




Neil Hamburger - Hot February Nights

Two dozen sold-out shows - Neil Hamburger in the battle of his life - in the opening slot performing to thousands of "souped up" kids nightly! This real-life recording captures all the agony and the ecstacy as "American's Funnyman" gives all that he has left to give.  Some of the jokes may be familiar from Neil's many albums but this souvenir release is like non other - despite the hatred, despite the temptation to flee the stage - Neil simply would not back down! Says Neil, "To Hell with the nattering nabobs of negativism who sought to undermine the job I was hired to do!" Listen in headphones to soak in the horrifying detail!

This promotional CD is available exclusively from Off-Price Value Center for $10 postpaid in the USA and Canada.

For all other countries, this CD is $15.00 with shipping via airmail.