Selections from Joe E.’s Homemade CDs

Although Joe E. Neubauer gave up his performing career shortly after digging the master tapes for Love Got In My Way out of the Ft. Lauderdale dumpster to which his doomed label had consigned them, he never lost his love of singing.

Prior to signing with SRS International, Joe had resourcefully attempted to record an album by singing along with instrumental versions of popular hits. Many years later, the advent of affordable karaoke machines made this approach somewhat more viable…at least in logistical terms.

Joe set up one of these machines in his office a while back, and has since recorded about a dozen CDs comprising his unique take on songs that appealed to him, or to his family members. He generally gives these albums as gifts to family and friends, and hands them out to workers at his local VA office.

We’re pleased to say that Joe’s excitement over Eabla Record’s re-release of Love Got In My Way has inspired him to record several albums of new material in his makeshift home studio. Most of them highlight the “middle of the road” pop ballads he favors, along with a few of the country classics that his wife and son prefer.

We’ve selected three tracks from Joe’s homemade CDs to share with curious fans and well-wishers. While the instrumental tracks and backing vocals for these performances aren’t — and couldn’t possibly be — as compelling as the ones on his album, Joe transcends the limitations imposed by cheap technology, paint-by-numbers arrangements, and his own advancing age, and delivers heartfelt and imaginative interpretations of this material.

We hope that we’ll eventually be able to provide Joe with musicians and songs that are worthy of his talent. In the meantime, we think these tracks demonstrate that even though he’s been offstage for about thirty years, his voice is still strong and affecting!

How Deep Is Your Love
True Love Ways
(Photo of Joe E. in his home recording studio by Gregg Turkington, 2008.)

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