Amarillo and Nuf Sed Titles On Sale Now!

Eabla Records has added a Rarities page that offers a selection of out of print records and CDs from the Nuf Sed and Amarillo back catalog, including releases by Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Sun City Girls, Pop-O-Pies, Job’s Daughters, The Easy Goings, Heavenly Ten Stems, The Three Doctors Band, Zip Code Rapists, Dieselhed, Virginia Dare, Dame Darcy, and others.

Nuf Sed was started in 1984 by Brandan Kearney. It released material by World of Pooh, Caroliner, Archipelago Brewing Company, Tarnation, Wandering Stars, and related acts before being sold to a Korean machine tool company in 1996. It now manufactures CNC lathes, engine lathes, and CNC knee mills.

Amarillo Records was launched in 1992 by Gregg Turkington, who guided it with a firm but fair hand until 2001, when he donated its papers and physical assets to the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation. Its roster of talent included Faxed Head, Harvey Sid Fisher, Anton LaVey, Secret Chiefs 3, and Neil Hamburger. Will York delivers a heartfelt eulogy for both labels here.

We also have a few spare copies of titles that were not released on Amarillo or Nuf Sed, but will be of interest to fans of either label, like Product Music — a legendary compilation of industrial show tunes — and the sweetly nostalgic Sounds of the San Francisco Adult Bookstores. Get ‘em while they last!

Most of these titles were originally released in the early nineties, in editions of 1000 or less; they’ve been priced according to their format and scarcity. Availability of certain titles is very limited (i.e., fewer than ten copies), so don’t dawdle unless you’re planning to buy the Easy Goings’ Cigarettes EP.

All prices include postage.

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