Somebody Goofed!

Thanks to inadequate foresight on the part of the good folks at WordPress, there’s no way to retrieve the comments we accidentally deleted the other day while trying to dig our way out of an avalanche of Tramadol spam.

For those who don’t know, Tramadol is a very dangerous drug made by and for the feebleminded and the sexually irregular. Clinical studies have reportedly indicated that it shrivels the brain and crucifies the liver, and is liable to make you break out in an oozing rash of superfluous nipples. It’s no exaggeration to say that everyone involved in its manufacture and sale is worse than Hitler.

The damage is done, and irreparable. Hundreds — or was it thousands? — of music lovers took the time to praise us for our efforts, and offer us money and companionship. But now their honest, thoughtful words are lost to posterity, because a cabal of unwashed foreign spammers wants to hijack our site in order to sell Tramadol to hillbillies and veterinary fetishists, and WordPress is asleep at the switch with an empty jug of moonshine at its feet. Call us sentimentalists if you wish, but we think this is unfortunate.

If you took the time to write a comment, we apologize! We hope you’ll continue to post here, and that you share our white-hot loathing for Tramadol spammers, every single one of whom ought to be tarred and feathered and then fired from some sort of super-cannon into the middle thermosphere.

On the bright side, we should soon have some news about the next Eabla release, so stay tuned!

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