Although this blog will of course keep our public informed about the latest doings at Eabla Records, its more noble aim is to offer free downloads of rare music to you and yours.

Each Eabla release will be accompanied by downloadable songs that aren’t available anywhere else. When possible, we also intend to produce PDF scrapbooks for our artists, comprising photos, ephemera, &c. How long we’ll leave these giveaways up remains to be seen, but they won’t be permanent. So gather ye rosebuds while ye may, for old time is still a-flying. 

In between releases, we’ll offer obscure tracks more or less at random, either because they relate to our ongoing research into specific vanity labels, or just to be neighborly. Again, grab ‘em while they last! 

If you like what you hear, please consider striking a blow for commodity fetishism by buying our CDs. It takes a fair amount of time and money to run a reissue label; in some cases, tracking down an artist, getting his or her permission, and finding and restoring the tapes can cost as much as — or more than — pressing the discs! Also, we believe that our marginal titles cry out for large, informative, nicely illustrated booklets, which tend to exact a heavy toll in cash, strength, time, and patience.

More to the point, a number of the people whose music we’ll be releasing either lost money, or made very little, during whatever passed for their heyday. If you buy our CDs, we can pay them, and thereby tip the scales of the universe ever so slightly towards Justice. You can be certain that they’d do the same for you!

We’re currently working on several vanity-pressing reissues, the titles of which will be announced here as soon as the details are settled. In the meantime, we may as well admit that we intend to reissue a fair amount of material that was originally released on, or otherwise related to, the Amarillo and Nuf Sed labels, most of which has never been released on CD. For instance, we expect to release lavish retrospective CDs by World of Pooh, Zip Code Rapists, and Glorious Din within the next several months. Sales of these attractive items will, we hope, help to fund our other, more complicated archaeological projects.

That’s plenty for now. Thanks for dropping in, and be sure to check back often!

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